The prompt was to morph between three different items. The overall guiding factor in this was to change the elements when things were at their most extreme point of motion. Below is the final rough sketch that I decided on after several other ideas. When looking at how to transition, the shield and sword are completely different in height, width, and color but after some time brainstorming I realized I could change the shape path of the sword into the helmet's plume fairly seamlessly. 
Instead of morphing the helmet from the shield as I had done with the sword, I decided that the shared oval shapes would allow the helmet to replace the top of the shield. I separated the layers in illustrator and made sure that the shield fell away exactly how I wanted it to. Each time the sword makes contact there is a minor trim path effect on the sides to emphasize the strikes. Finally, the transition to the torch was without complications because of the planning and it worked as I had drawn it. 
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