This is a character animation set in Redwood National Park. The color palette was carefully selected to create a warm environment with lots of dark red, brown, and green. The goal was to make a relaxed character enjoying the beauty of the park. The added music and sound effects serve to further immerse the viewer in the scene. 

I first created a rough storyboard of the scene, a mood board, and the artwork.
Next, I rigged up the character in After Effects and created a reference video of me doing a similar movement to work from. I blocked out the character's major movements to get a solid foundation. 
After blocking out the major movements I went on to smooth out the animation which ended up being the largest part of the process. I added a touch of motion to the trees and finally got to add sound effects which I had a lot of fun with adjusting the music to get the outdoor sound along with editing existing sounds to fit the motion I had created. 
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